How far can electric bikes go?

Thinking about purchasing a new electric bike? Our B4 E-Cruizers are the perfect choice, letting you experience the freedom of a bicycle paired with the thrill of a motorcycle. But, how far can electric bikes go? And what’s the electric bike range and speed? Knowing the logistics of riding an e-bike is important before purchase – so understand everything you need to know from our detailed guide now.

Electric bike range and speed

Generally, the average electric bike range can vary. This can be between models, makes, frequency of use, riding style and more variables that can affect e-bike range. However, our E-Cruizer bikes from E-Motion have a specific range that users can adhere to. So, how far can an electric bike go on one charge?

With a fully charged battery, the E-Cruizer offers a range of up to 100 kilometres, which works out to be about 62 miles, in one charge. In terms of battery life, the e-bike battery (if referring to lithium batteries) will typically last around 3-5 years before battery capacity begins to deteriorate. That is generally around 1,000 charging cycles.

To find out more information about how electric bikes work, learn the maximum speed of an e-bike and more from our handy guide.

How long does an electric bike motor last?

Motors are known to generally last longer than most other electric bike components. Compared to the tyres – which are likely to experience normal wear and tear resulting in around 1,000 – 3,000 miles; and brakes – which generally last for a longer time, resulting in around 3000 miles; electric bike motors will typically last longer than all of these components. However, factors such as riding style, road conditions and the quality of the components on the bike can affect longevity of electric bike elements.

Looking for more information about your B4 E-Cruizer bike? Learn more by exploring our selection of electric bikes online today. Alternatively, visit our FAQ section to find out more valuable information including maintenance, safety tips and general questions about your e-bike.

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