How fast do electric bikes go?

One of the most common questions asked regarding e-bikes is ‘how fast do electric bikes go?’ Although they operate differently to bicycles, the concept remains the same – and by using an e-bike, you can pick up speed – but you may not be assisted by the electric motor past a certain speed. Find out more about how fast electric bikes go from our detailed guide.

Are electric bikes fast?

Whether or not electric bikes are fast depends on the type of e-bike you purchase. To know if an e-bike is fast, it’s easier to explain how it works. This pedal bicycle is fitted with a battery and electric motor. As you pedal, the motor of the bike will kick-start and alleviate some strain of cycling for the rider. This will allow you to cycle up to a speed of around 15mph with the assisted motor. Find out more about how electric bikes work from our helpful guide.

However, according to UK regulations, e-bikes may be fitted with a motor that has no power more than 250w, and the maximum speed of the assisted motor must cut off around 15.5pmh, as this is the legal limit. However, European law differs slightly – as there are e-bikes available which have a speed limit of up to 30mph, which is considerably quicker than a UK e-bike.

Whereas in Northern Ireland, electric bikes are classed as motorbikes, so they follow different rules – such as needing to own a moped licence in order to ride an electric bike. Find out more information about NI legislations regarding e-bikes from Gov.UK.

Why is my electric bike cutting out?

Typically, as you reach the maximum speed of an electric bike, which is usually around 15mph, the bike will cut out – meaning the hard work is then transferred back to the rider. If you want to be able to go faster than the maximum speed, this is possible, but from this speed onwards, the motor will not assist you.

However, with the B4 E-Cruizer, you have the option to alternate between eight various intensities – designed to allow for variation in terrain. Unsure how to ride your e-bike? Our handy guide has you covered.

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