How to ride an electric bike

You may have heard of electric bikes and understand how e-bikes work, but perhaps you’re wondering how to ride one? Or where you can book in for a test ride? From our detailed guide, learn exactly how to ride an electric bike and more now.

So, what is it like riding an electric bike?

In short, riding an e-bike is pretty similar to riding a normal bike. However, the big difference is the amount of power you’ll need to use. As typical with a normal bike, the rider pedals to drive the bike forwards – yet, with an e-bike, the motor measures the rider’s input and adds assistance depending on the level of effort that’s given. Essentially, the harder you pedal, the more assistance you will get.

However, if you’re worried about not getting as much exercise, e-bikes still count towards exercise. Although they alleviate some of the work for you, they’re especially helpful for those who do not participate in much exercise on a weekly basis. The alleviation of work the e-bike allows for longevity for the rider – meaning they can ride faster and for longer without being worn out. There are also various assistance modes to choose from meaning electric bikes can be adaptable to the specific rider.

Do electric bikes need a licence?

Although an electric bike has an electric motor, a driver’s licence, registration, insurance and helmet are not necessary. Find out more information about the rules of electric bikes from our FAQ section.

Where can I try an electric bike?

Fancy trying an electric bike for yourself? Here at E-motion, you can book in your free e-bike test ride now! Simply fill in our form and specify which day and what time is best for you, and let us know if you have any special requirements. 

Alternatively, browse our range of B4 E-cruizer bikes today from E-Motion. Get in touch with a member of our expert team for further information.

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