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How to ride an electric bike

You may have heard of electric bikes and understand how e-bikes work, but perhaps you’re wondering how to ride one? Or where you can book in for a test ride? From our detailed guide, learn exactly how to ride an electric bike and more now. So, what is it like riding an electric bike? In […]


How far can electric bikes go?

Thinking about purchasing a new electric bike? Our B4 E-Cruizers are the perfect choice, letting you experience the freedom of a bicycle paired with the thrill of a motorcycle. But, how far can electric bikes go? And what’s the electric bike range and speed? Knowing the logistics of riding an e-bike is important before purchase […]


How do electric bikes work?

Fast becoming a popular transport choice across the nation, e-bikes are designed to make the riding part of cycling a bike virtually effortless – providing a relaxing journey and enjoyable through the assistance of an electric motor. But how do electric bikes work? First, it would be beneficial to explain exactly what an e-bike is: […]

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